The Time Has Come

timeDescribed as hauntingly beautiful, this work will dramatically enhance a Good Friday or Holy Week service. The events of Holy Week are incredibly told from the Savior’s perspective. “The time has come, My body will be broken. The time has come, My blood will be spilled. The time has come when prophecies of old will be fulfilled.” Touching.

Available to Purchase From: Hal Leonard or J.W. Pepper

Play the Dreidel Game

dreidelAn excellent teaching tool as well as a fun performance piece, this musically explains how the dreidel game is played and what each of the letters on the dreidel signifies. Set in a minor key, with an upbeat rhythmic feel and a contrasting, slower middle section, this will put everyone in the right spirit for Hanukkah!

Available to Purchase From: Shawnee Press or J.W. Pepper

Three Angels

angel“Three angels saw a star one night, above a city, shining bright; they saw some angels on the ground, and asked What brought you to this town?” Charming and sweet, this delightful tale of the blessed winged creatures is perfect for the Christmas season.

Available to Purchase From: Hinshaw or J.W. Pepper